Operating in Thurrock and Rochford, Essex

Business IT Support

We provide IT support to small and medium sized businesses (including home businesses). Our services are tailored specifically to meet individual companies’ needs and requirements.

Offering On-site or remote access support with quick response times and reliability.

A “pay as you go” service is available for those who only require occasional IT support which is often more suited to smaller businesses.

However, larger companies naturally have more computers which increases the likelihood of IT issues arising. In this case it would be prudent to arrange an IT maintenance plan minimising computer problems in the future. This can be arranged at a competitive monthly fee.

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Networking Your Business

File access and printer sharing across multiple computers and locations

IT Support

A priority service, available when you need it,
On-site and remotely

Computer Reliability

Ensuring your computers perform at optimal performance with minimal downtime


Home Computers

Is your computer running slow?
Believe you have a computer virus?
Is your computer not turning on at all?
Do you have software issues or program problems?

Our trained, friendly technicians can resolve your computer problems including pc repairs, laptop repairs, lost password recovery, data recovery, data transfer, boot problems and more.

With over 20 years’ experience repairing computers you can trust MM PC Solutions to give you an affordable, honest and professional service in the comfort of your own home.

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A Full Computer Service

Book an appointment today for a full computer M.O.T

We Come To You

No need to unplug anything
Let us come to you to fix the problem

Computer Repairs

All computer and laptop makes and models repaired


Desktop PC Repairs & Upgrades

We offer computer repairs and upgrades. We can also build you a custom computer.

Our professional computer technicians offer services for desktop, all-in-one and gaming PC’s
including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Intel, nVidia, Ryzen, AMD plus many more.

Whether diagnosing your computer for faulty hardware e.g. power supply, memory/ram, installing a new hard drive, replacing the motherboard or upgrading the graphics card we have the expertise to get your computer back up and running.

We also build custom computers using quality components. Either a new gaming PC for pleasure or for business a computer that is built specifically to run such programs such as AutoCAD.

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We Repair & Build

All makes & models of desktop computers repaired & built.

Replacement Parts

We only use top quality named components with full warranties

Gaming Computer

Let us upgrade or build your
custom gaming PC


Laptop Repair

Is your Laptop running slow? Is it getting hot and making a loud noise? Do you get error messages or beeps when you turn it on?

Our on-site technicians can perform many types of laptop repairs and upgrades including:

Fix internet issues
Laptop screen repair
Overheating (noisy fan)
Hard drive replacement
RAM / Memory upgrade
Laptop battery replacement
Upgrade to SSD (Solid state drive)
DC Power jack repair and replacement
Liquid damage due to spills on keyboard etc

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Laptop Screen Repairs

Broken or damaged laptop screen repair & replacement - 14" to 17"

Laptop Running Slow?

We can perform a full service/MOT to bring it back to life!

Laptop Repairs & Upgrades

From replacing a faulty hard drive to upgrading the ram


Data Backup & Recovery

Has your hard drive failed or suspect it is failing?
We can attempt data recovery on failing hard drives.

Commons indicators of a failing drive are:

Clicking hard drive
Files have disappeared
Cannot read or see external hard drive
Your computer crashes randomly or is running slow

We can also provide entire computer back up and data backup services to ensure your data (documents, photo’s etc.) is never lost.

Backing up to an external hard drive, network attached storage, cloud backup or even our dedicated backup server.

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Is Your Hard Drive Failing?

We can help attempt to recover your important files and folders.

Don’t Leave It Too Late!

Take the worry out of hard drive failure and data loss.

We Provide Backup Services

We offer complete computer back up and file backup.


Internet / Network

Do you need help with installing a network for your office or to expand your existing one?

Do you have home internet issues or devices that need help connecting to your internet?

At MM PC Solutions, we can provide the following services:

Wi-Fi setup
Network cabling
Router configuration
Printer and file sharing
Internet /router install
Networking computers
Internet / Network security

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Office Networks

Are you having issues with your internet / network or need to expand it?


Connecting all your devices
Office or home.

Home Internet

Do you have slow internet or areas in the home that have poor Wi-Fi signal?


Virus Removal / Protection

At MM PC Solutions, we provide a range of services in relation to the prevention, detection and removal of computer viruses, spyware, ransomware and other forms of malware.

If your computer is running slow, suffering from “Pop-ups”, or files are being renamed then you may very well have a computer virus.

Other symptoms may include:

Re-directed to adult websites
Freezing or crashing computer
Unable to connect to the internet
Being asked for payment to remove viruses (Fake virus)

Contact us to help remove and protect you from viruses

Virus Removal

Viruses can do a tremendous amount of damage to your computer.
Contact us to remove them.

Protection Against Viruses

Let us install a top rated antivirus to
help protect you from
future infections.

Banking Protection

We can advise and install a secure antivirus that protects your banking and online card payments

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